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Franchise Portal

We are ready for the big companies and have developed integrated tools to allow you to run your franchise with ease. Our franchise online ordering system gives you complete control over your shops, allowing you to run live reports, see their status, diagnose problems, see feedback, view their orders, add new shops, control user logins, create and distribute professional email addresses and so much more. With your own management portal you will feel like you have just spent over 100K on a bespoke system when it’s included in the same price as one shop! We can assist and even provide online merchant payment services, and we can pay your main head office account or we can pay each shop separately if you run a franchise. Your takeaway franchise will benefit from our extensive marketing knowledge to ensure your multi-shop takeaway website will be as successful as possible. Billing can be charged to one head office, or we can deal directly with the shop managers and charge takeaways separately.

Peri Passion's Online Ordering Website on an iMac