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EPoS Integrations

By combining your online ordering with an integrated electronic point of sale (EPoS), you are ensuring that your business processes are streamlined. With an integrated EPoS, your online orders will automatically be added to your EPoS orders, allowing you to assign online orders to drivers, cash up and run reports just as you would with telephone orders. It also means that customers who order online will have their data saved in your system so when they call next, you will see their information on the caller-id system. We have our own integrated EPoS with 100% compatibility. Please see our restaurant & takeaway EPoS page for more information on the ZPos EPoS. We may also be able to integrate with your existing EPoS and third party systems. Please note, a fee may apply for integration. Please ask before ordering. Other EPoS systems may be considered. Not all EPoS can be integrated; it also depends on your epos software’s version.

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