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Social Media Integration

Integrate social media into your website
With built in social media support, you can be sure your site will always be up to date with the latest trends of social media. So, if you want your customers to “like”, “share”, “tweet”, “follow”, “snap”, “post”, “stream” or review you, they can. We will soon be launching “takeaway fan gating”, this is a feature that means if a customer follows you on Facebook or Twitter you can instantly give them a special offer, which will popup after they have done so. We can integrate your social media more heavily depending on your needs, for example, displaying your TripAdvisor rating, or embedding your latest tweets into the website. If you want to boost your social media why not take advantage of our professional social media marketing management services. We have spent a lot of time and money training our staff on how to use social media for businesses efficiently, so let us come up with content and post for you every day!
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