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Website & Order Stats

Online ordering statistics and reporting

Our online ordering website are integrated with leading website statistic tools. This will allow you to understand your customer’s behaviour and habits. Our statistics will tell you both the simple and extremely detailed information. You will be able to see reports on where your users come from, and which source generated the most orders. You can see what mobile phones your customer’s use, how long they spend on the website, what page they are on and now you can even see customers live on your site! From your own restaurant’s online ordering website you can view order statistics, like sales totals, average orders, card vs cash sales, which areas of your town your customers order from and much more. If a report doesn’t exist that you want, we can custom make it for you. Remember, our developers are in house, in the UK – not outsourced to the rest of the world. What you see is what we built in our office, from scratch.

Peri Passion's Online Ordering Website on an iMac