How To Use SMS Marketing To Increase Sales For Takeaways & Restaurants

SMS Marketing To Increase Sales For Takeaways & Restaurants

5 Proven Ways to Get More Orders!
Looking to boost sales and customer engagement for your takeaway or restaurant? Look no further than SMS marketing! With a near-perfect 98% open rate and proven ability to drive revenue, SMS marketing offers a powerful edge over traditional marketing methods.

In fact, a recent report found that 96% of marketers leveraging SMS marketing saw increased sales and repeat business. But simply sending text messages isn't enough. To truly shine in today's competitive landscape, optimising your SMS strategy is key.

This blog dives into five key tactics to transform your bland SMS blasts into brilliant marketing campaigns that drive results for your takeaway or restaurant.

Classic Deals Still Convert: Leverage Value in Your SMS Marketing

Focus your SMS messages on value propositions, highlighting how your offerings provide the most bang for their buck.

Yes, "Two for one" and "25% off" offers might seem overused, but there's a reason industry giants like Domino's and Papa Johns keep them in their marketing arsenal - they work! These simple, catchy deals resonate with customers who crave a discount.

In today's cost-conscious environment, customers often prioritise affordability. SMS marketing is a powerful tool for establishing your business as the go-to for great deals and competitive prices in your area.

Leverage FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with SMS Marketing

Customers crave urgency! This is where SMS marketing shines, allowing you to capitalise on the power of customers missing out on a deal. Highlight limited-time offers or low stock on popular dishes within your SMS campaigns to create excitement and encourage immediate action.

Strategic use of buzzwords like "Last chance" or "Limited time only" in your messages can significantly boost engagement. By emphasising scarcity, you nudge customers to act fast before missing out on these exclusive deals.

Prime Time Your SMS Campaigns for Maximum Conversions

SMS marketing thrives on immediacy. Aim to grab your customer's attention right when they open the message, enticing them to order on the spot.

The key lies in strategic timing. Schedule your SMS campaigns to arrive when dinner decisions are being made.  Think weekday afternoons or weekends for maximum impact.

Seamless online ordering is crucial. Don't direct customers to a website only to be met with "closed" signs. Ensure your website reflects accurate opening hours and offers a user-friendly platform for online orders. This cohesive approach optimises your SMS campaigns for peak conversions.

Avoid SMS Fatigue: Keep Your Campaigns Fresh and Engaging

Regular SMS campaigns are a fantastic way to stay top-of-mind with your customers. However, repetition without innovation can backfire.  Bombarding customers with the same offer week after week comes across as spammy and risks them opting out entirely.

The key is to keep your messaging fresh.  Even for repeat offers, vary the wording and structure of your SMS messages to avoid a sense of monotony.  Remember, customers respond differently to marketing approaches.  Embrace creativity and inject some personality into your campaigns while maintaining your brand voice.

This approach keeps your SMS marketing engaging and prevents SMS fatigue, a surefire way to optimise your takeaway marketing and restaurant marketing efforts.

Crystal-Clear CTAs: Drive Action with Powerful SMS Marketing

In today's information overload, clear calls to action (CTAs) are essential.  Your SMS messages need to tell customers exactly what you want them to do - order now, book a table, or redeem a special offer.

Include a direct link in your SMS message, seamlessly connecting customers to your online ordering website.  Powerful CTAs like "Order Now" or "Book Today" will significantly improve conversion rates and ensure your takeaway marketing and restaurant marketing efforts generate real results.

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