Ways that ZPos can help to increase your online orders during the heatwave

Let ZPos help you sell your pizzas this Summer!

If you are an existing ZPos client, we are 100% sure that your website already has an excellent design that portrays your brand identity and style. But to take your website to the next level, ZPos have some affordable marketing ideas and strategies that can help your restaurant or takeaway during this summer heatwave.

We are aware of the dip in sales the warmer weather can cause for your business – so our in-house marketing gurus have come up with some suggestions to help boost those sales.

Summer heatwave discount

Having an online discount dedicated to the heatwave is a fast incentive to offer your customers - for example: 20% off when you spend £20 or more when you use the code: SUMMER20 at the checkout. Online discounts can be added as a notice on your online ordering website or as a banner on your checkout or homepage (free of charge).

Summer meal deals

Stand out from the rest with a tempting summer meal deal! A tip for this is to add products which are popular and people will tend to want during the warmer weather, for example: ice cream, drinks and food that is light and easy to eat. Another trick is to see what your local competitors are up to and always offer a better deal than them! We can even add your summer meal deal into its own category on the website menu to make this stand out to potential customers.

Products that relate to the season

When it’s hot outside, all you crave is something cool and refreshing. Let ZPos highlight the products that relate to the season on your website. For example, for Summer, sandwiches, healthier options (i.e. salads), ice cream, cold and iced drinks would be key products to focus on. Please drop us an email at info@zpos.co.uk to let us know if you will be running any special offers this summer.

SMS campaign

Quick, effective and the best method of marketing to get fast online sales with the right offer. Let us come up with the SMS message for less hassle, or you can completely customise it yourself. It’s as easy as filling out our online booking form to get started.

Email marketing

Plan a structured email campaign that will drive your sales this summer! Whether you need a one-off campaign or set email package – let ZPos take care of every aspect from the design, importing your subscribers and more. As part of this service, will even send you a detailed report afterwards.

Social Media

If you did not already know, we offer social media marketing packages to our clients. We think it’s important for restaurant and takeaways to have an online presence by using social media to build customer loyalty and relationships. Let our social media experts come up with current content and share this across your social media platforms. Also adding photographs of limited edition dishes, sharing special offers and discount codes is a perfect way to attract people to your website.

Google AdWords

Why not go the extra mile and promote your summer online discount or meal deal with a google AdWords campaign? Let our marketing gurus set-up your advert by considering keywords that are relevant to your business with the budget you have in mind.