How Instagram can benefit your restaurant or takeaway

If Instagram is not a part of your social media marketing, then you need to get on board! Visual content is one of the most popular on social media and is something businesses should use to their advantage.

Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users and is one of the most used photo sharing platforms, allowing you to share photos, short video clips with your followers. With 55 million photos shared to Instagram every day, this is the perfect excuse to utilise this amazing photo sharing platform and open your door to new clients and followers! If you are a restaurant or takeaway, take a look at some of our benefits to Instagram we have put together to help kick-start your journey!

Building a relationship with your customers

Having an active Instagram account full of interesting and relevant content will engage with your audience. They want to see an active and consistent page that will show them about your restaurant or takeaway business. People tend to make purchases with people they can trust, and from seeing your day to day posts and positive experiences will give them a personal feel to your business. A great example of this is posting behind the scene images of preparing the food, or an insight to your staff.

Increase website traffic

Instagram can be a helpful way to direct people to your online ordering website. Even though you can’t add clickable links to every photo you publish, you can add this to your company bio. Benefit your company today by maintaining a strong Instagram profile that will tempt your customers to visit your online ordering website.

Show off your products and services

Having a particular special offer this weekend? Put this on your businesses Instagram. It will prompt your followers to come and see you in-store, or even order a takeaway from your online ordering website. An image can be very clear to what you are trying to show and by adding a description is that little bit more of a detail to attract attention and interest. A good way to do this is by adding relevant emoji’s to the product you are selling and also by writing a catchy, fun sentence. You will soon be on the way to building a brand style for your Instagram account.

Visual posts

Simply use your phone camera to take photographs! You could even take your photographs in batches and use these over the next week or so. A lot of companies like to use filters and experiment with different camera angles and positions to draw people in! If you do decide to use filters, try to adapt a style that is consistent throughout your Instagram. A great way to get ideas is to research your competitors and even big companies.

Hashtags & location

Use hashtags to help people find out about your business, but make sure they are appropriate and relate to your post subject. The Instagram ‘Search and Explore Feature’ is very helpful for showing your top hashtags that relate to your image. Why not create your own unique hash tag for your restaurant or takeaway? You can easily do this by choosing a short word or phrase that relates to your restaurant or takeaway, but make sure it’s something easy to remember. Adding your hashtag and Instagram username to your printed menus, outside signage or in general places around the building is a great way to get your customers involved. Also add your restaurant location to your Instagram posts and try to get your customers do this too, as it shows off where you are located and could lead to new customers!

What could you post about?

If you are an Instagram beginner, it is a good idea to plan yourself out a social media content schedule. This allows you to be prepared and take or choose the correct photograph to go with the content you wish to share. You could post photographs of your dishes, sneak peaks and teasers of new products, behind the scene photos and videos, special offers, competitions, daily life in the restaurant or even fun facts about your staff.

In summary

Instagram offers a simple platform to market your restaurant or takeaway cuisine. From the points above, it is very clear that Instagram can improve and have a positive impact on your restaurant or takeaway. Here at ZPos, we offer our clients with a wide selection of social media packages. If you are interested in getting us to run your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, get in touch with us today!