How Social Media Marketing Can Benefit Your Takeaway Business

Social marketing!

If you haven't got social media as a part of your takeaway or restaurant's marketing strategy, it's about time you did. Remember that the process can be time consuming, so be patience and kick start your social media marketing today. To give you some ideas, we have listed some key points below you should consider and follow to help you along your social media journey.

Increase your brand awareness

Having an online presence by using social media makes it easier for your customers to connect with you. Practically everyone is using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and by connecting with your customers on a social channel, you are more likely to build a stronger brand and loyalty. Give your audience something to be excited about to get them to stay connected.

Customer experience and feedback

Most of your takeaway or restaurant customers will expect you to be using social media. Your customers are more likely to want to give you feedback using your social media channels, which provides you a valuable insight of the customer's experience and thoughts. It allows your audience to give instant feedback whether that be positive or negative, but remember all feedback is good and will better the business.

Increase your website traffic

By publishing regular, unique content to your social media channels, this is definitely going to help with your website traffic. Social media is a great tool to direct people to your direct takeaway or restaurant's website and getting them to order online. The more activity, the better this will be for your business. Adding your social buttons to your website will also help your customers to connect with you on social media.

Regular content activity

It is important to be consistent with your social media posts. This is key for getting your audience to respond and building a relationship with them. From having your own takeaway or restaurant, you clearly want to have sales, but this is not the correct mindset to just want sales through your social media. Try not to be totally sales focused, but use your social media to engage your audience by showing them valuable content and interesting stuff they want to see on their newsfeed. Having general posts helps to prompt your customers about your business, which could lead to them telling their friends and family.

Build relationships

Networking is a very big part of building a strong social media presence. You can't expect other businesses to share your content and mention you if you are not doing the same for them. Share, like, tweet and repost images of other local businesses and they may do the same for you. Another handy way of reaching out to your customers is contacting your local Facebook community pages. Mostly these pages are happy to share your business offers or promotions, as you will be reaching out to new potential customers in your local area.

Research your competitors

It's always a great idea to see what your competitors are doing and their approach to social media. To try and compete with your competitor, you can go one step ahead by offering your customers something more worthwhile or a better reason why they should use your service. As well as researching your competitors, it can be a good tactic to see what other takeaway or restaurants are doing to get inspiration to keep your content fresh and exciting.

Facebook Paid advertising

There are many great options when it comes to Facebook advertising. If you are trying to build a Facebook presence, take advantage of using this source. Whether you wish to advertise a promotion or gain more likes, Facebook will be able to target your customers to match the interests and demographics you want.

If managing your own takeaway or restaurant's social media is too time consuming, or is something you wish to outsource, please get in touch with us at ZPos as we offer a social media marketing service. Let our marketing experts come up with daily content for your business's social media that will keep your customers engaged and interested.