Why You Should Order Directly From A Takeaway's Own Website

As a customer, you want the best and most efficient experience when ordering from your favourite takeaway or restaurant. With the demand on people ordering food from takeaways, the popularity of intermediary portals such as Just Eat and Hungry House are increasing, but this is not necessarily the best way to order your food online. At ZPos, we believe it is important to order from your local and favourite takeaways using their direct website, as there are many benefits to the actual business and for yourself.

So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should be ordering from a takeaway’s direct website.

Visual Experience

Having the best visual and user friendly experience as possible when ordering your takeaway is key. Ordering from your favourite takeaway’s own direct website is going to be much more enjoyable than ordering from an online ordering portal, like Just Eat. Takeaway portals tend to use the same layout for every company that is listed, but when you look at a restaurant or takeaways direct website, they are more likely going to have a Bespoke design, photographs of their food, written testimonials, clear offers and show off their personal branding. We do live in a visual world after all.

Customer Service / Live Chat

Live chat is a super easy and quick way to contact the takeaway or restaurant. You are much more likely to receive an immediate response with any questions or queries you may have. It is also a great feature because you do not have to contact the store by phone, which is more preferred by most people. Live chat also helps the business have real time feedback on the products they sell, suggest any changes, or how the website functions.

Secure Checkout & Delivery

When ordering your food via the takeaways direct website, the payment goes straight through to the businesses bank account. Meaning the business does not have to pay a very expensive commission charge to the takeaway portal. Ordering online has never been quicker, as some online ordering websites offer a ‘last order saver’, allowing you to quickly order your regular, favourite foods. As for delivery, the charges can really vary from takeaway portals and direct websites, and most of the time the direct website offers free delivery or a lower cost.

Promotions & Offers

As a customer, you are always looking for the better deal and a discount where you can. Most independent takeaway’s websites are more than likely going to provide better deals compared to the takeaway portals. It’s also a good idea to follow your favourite takeaway or restaurants social media accounts as they often post about exclusive offers and promotions they may be running. Another handy feature a lot of direct takeaway websites have is a loyalty points scheme, which allows you to collect points every time you order. You can then use these points to make a saving on future orders.

Support your local businesses

Did you know takeaway portals like Just Eat and Hungry House are taking extremely high percentages off the takeaway food outlets? By ordering your food direct, you will be supporting your local business and help them to improve their profits for business growth.

Company Information

Having the company information on the direct website lets you know you can access all the details you may need to know about the restaurant or takeaway. For example, you may need to know something about the food they serve; this may be shown in a FAQ format (for example if the food is Halal or if they offer a gluten free option), or you may need to know more information about the delivery mileage radius and opening times.