Reasons To Have Your Own Online Ordering Website - Edition 1

If you do not have a website for your takeaway, get an online ordering website from ZPos now!

Getting your own online ordering website for your restaurant or takeaway is crucial nowadays. Over the coming months we will be publishing articles to help convince you to get online if you aren't already.

With the growing portfolio of food portal websites coming to the market, and as they continue to increase in popularity, now is the time to secure your profit margins and build your own online presence with your very own online ordering website from ZPos. When you do get your business online, or if you are already there, make sure you choose a provider who cares about your business and your orders, not just about a monthly fee. Do it properly and don't cut corners. You will see the rewards very quickly. ZPos are the most reliable and established provider of online ordering websites and similar services. We have staff dedicated to every specific aspect of your business and provide a first class support to our clients.

Now, without further ado, here are some of the reasons to have your own online ordering site.

It's your own website

Make your brand stand out with your own bespoke website you’re proud to show off. You do not want a takeaway and restaurant portal, like Just Eat and Hungry house promoting their branding. Having your own website allows you to have a stronger online presence and allow your customers to go directly to your own website domain. Good points of having your own website address Is that your customers will not easily be tempted by your takeaway portal competitors, you can get your domain printed on leaflets, menus and get it shown whether you appear online, e.g. blog posts or reviews.

Customer loyalty

Building a direct relationship with your customers is the way forward, and at ZPos - we are here to help our clients achieve that. We collect your customer’s details within a database which can be used for promotional offers and special events such as seasonal holidays. With all of our websites, ZPos offers a loyalty points scheme to give your customers an incentive to order, but also making it worthwhile for them to come back. It is important to keep track of what the customers are ordering, and ZPos are able to do this for you. We suggest ideas and offers on how to promote your business to the next level, and more importantly, taking into consideration what your customers want. Let’s look after our customers - because they mean a lot.

More profit, less cost

Ordering direct allows your takeaway or restaurant business to have more profit and less cost. Companies that act as an intermediary between takeaway food outlets and customers are taking very large percentages. By ordering direct, it supports local, independent businesses and will improve profits and business development.

Safe and Direct Payment

Once an order goes through using the ZPos online payment gateway, the money gets transferred directly your takeaway or restaurants bank account. This means the business does not have to pay an expensive commission charge to the middle man. Here are some of the benefits to customers paying by credit card online: Super secure checkout for the business and customer, it saves time on the phone, increases customer trust and there is no hassle when the driver delivers your food.

User friendly experience

We think it is important to have easy navigation with a Bespoke design that portrays your brand. With each client, we like to create a unique online website that will never get old. ZPos websites are super friendly on mobiles and tablets, so this makes ordering your website a dream. Online ordering should be extremely fast and simple, and it is proven that higher order values are placed using mobiles compared to laptops or computers. Another handy feature to our websites is our active live chat; which allows customers to ask any questions or queries without the hassle of ringing up the store.

More offers and discounts

All of our clients are important to us and we want to help them succeed as much as we can, that’s why we offer more website features than anyone else. If you would like your takeaway to have a promotional offer, we are able to create bespoke voucher codes and these are then entered at the checkout by your customers. SMS text messaging is also another successful way of targeting your hungry customers, which will boost your orders and sales in no time. Upselling is another creative tool where your customers are suggested extra items they might like to add onto their order, this soon boosts up the order value!

To find out more information about having an online ordering website by ZPos, please get in touch today.