UEFA Euro 2016 Match Day Calendar

The UEFA Euro 2016 starts on June 10th 2016 and it's likely that you will be busier than usual on certain match days. We have prepared a calendar for you so you can be ready for any rushes.

Bring in extra drivers, purchase extra stock, and prepare extra vegetables! The UEFA Euro 2016 starts on the 10th of June and lasts for one month, with the final on July 10th. With this in mind, we have had our resident football expert Paul Moscrop identify what he believes to be the days in which you will be busier. Don't get caught out! Keep checking back here during the period to always be up to date.

All clients of ZPos will automatically receive an SMS containing a link to this calendar. Times displayed are in BST (UK time).

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10th June
8pm: FRA V ROM
11th June
2pm: ALB V SWI
5pm: WAL V SLO
8pm: ENG V RUS
12th June
2pm: TUR V CRO
5pm: POL V NIR
8pm: GER V UKR
13th June
2pm: SPA V CZE
5pm: IRL V SWE
8pm: BEL V ITA
14th June
5pm: AUS V HUN
8pm: POR V ICE
15th June
2pm: RUS V SLO
5pm: ROM V SWI
8pm: FRA V ALB
16th June
2pm: ENG V WAL
5pm: UKR V NIR
8pm: GER V POL
17th June
2pm: ITA V SWE
5pm: CZE V CRO
8pm: SPA V TUR
18th June
2pm: BEL V IRL
5pm: ICE V HUN
8pm: POR V AUS
19th June
8pm: ROM V ALB
8pm: SWI V FRA
20th June
8pm: RUS V WAL
8pm: SLO V ENG
21st June
5pm: NIR V GER
5pm: UKR V POL
8pm: CRO V SPA
8pm: CZE V TUR
22nd June
5pm: HUN V POR
5pm: ICE V AUS
8pm: ITA V IRE
8pm: SWE V BEL
23rd June
24th June
25th June
2pm: SWI V POL
5pm: WAL V NIR
8pm: CRO V POR
26th June
2pm: FRA V IRL
5pm: GER V SLO
8pm: HUN V BEL
27th June
5pm: ITA V SPA
8pm: ENG V ICE
28th June
29th June
30th June
8pm: POL V POR
1st July
8pm: WAL V BEL
2nd July
8pm: GER V ITA
3rd July
8pm: FRA V ICE
4th July
5th July
6th July
8pm: POR V WAL
7th July
8pm: GER V FRA
8th July
9th July
10th July
8pm: POR V FRA

Colour Key

  • Yellow means that this could be busy for your takeaway's online ordering website.
  • Red means that it is very likely to be busier in your takeaway.

Country Key

  • ALB - Albania
  • AUS - Austria
  • BEL - Belgium
  • CRO - Croatia
  • CZE - Czech Republic
  • ENG - England
  • FRA - France
  • GER - Germany
  • HUN - Hungary
  • ICE - Iceland
  • ITA - Italy
  • NIR - Northern Ireland
  • POL - Poland
  • POR - Portugal
  • IRL - Republic of Ireland
  • ROM - Romania
  • RUS - Russia
  • SLO - Slovakia
  • SPA - Spain
  • SWE - Sweden
  • SWI - Switzerland
  • TUR - Turkey
  • UKR - Ukraine
  • WAL - Wales

Remember, when people get together with friends and family, they are more likely to order "party" takeaways. The busiest takeaways will be pizza shops however other takeaways should also be ready for a sudden surge of orders. If you want to make the most from the matches, why not send SMS text messages to your customers with an offer to entice them to order from you as opposed to your competitor! You can send texts yourself from our online platform, or contact ZPos to do it for you. If you have a social media service provided by ZPos, then we can also promote any offers for your takeaway on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and more!

This is a time to boost your sales and make money. We wish you the best of luck!

ZPos Ltd is in no way affiliated with UEFA or any of it's subsidiaries. Any graphics used are for illustration purpose only.