Now Integrated With First Payment Merchant Services

We are constantly trying to improve the flexibility of our online ordering websites for takeaways and restaurants. Today we are pleased to announce that our websites now support the ecommerce payment gateway from First Payment Merchant Services.

Who are First Payment Merchant Services?

First Payment Merchant Services (or FPMS for short), are a provider of online and offline credit card processing, they describe themselves as:

" of the fastest growing Merchant Service Providers in the UK. We provide chip and pin devices, EPOS solutions and alternative funding methods to thousands of customers.

Our objective is to provide the most stable and innovative payment solution in the SME market whilst also minimising the cost for our customers...

Tying this altogether is our experienced network of over 80 local business advisors that pride themselves on providing the best customer service experience in the country."

What does integration with FPMS mean?

"Integration" in terms of website development means that two (or more) services are connected in a way which allows one service to use the other. There are many reasons a developer might want to integrate with another service provider, for example, a third party might offer a service of feature you cannot provide, or cannot provide as well, another reason might simply be to give customers the freedom of choice in choosing their service providers.

FPMS provide online payment gateways. To take payments online you need to signup with a payment gateway provider. There are a lot to choose from and you need to make sure you choose one that is supported by your website otherwise you could ending up getting into an useless and lengthy inescapable contract.

Our developers contact these providers and work with them build their services into our own offerings. We try to support the popular payment gateway providers so that you may have more choice in your provider of online payment gateways.

What does this mean for me?

If you have an online ordering website from ZPos (or are looking to start selling your food online), then as of today we have added the "First Payment Merchant Services" gateway to our ever-growing list of supported payment gateways.

This means when you come to the decision regarding who will process your online payments, you can now also choose from FPMS. At the time of writing, we currently also support PaymentSense, WorldPay, CardSave. In addition, we also provide a free payment gateway with any online ordering website package.

Sounds good, how do I signup for their Payment Gateway?

If you wish to signup with First Payment Merchant Services, then please contact us first so that we can provide you with discounted rates which we have negotiated on your behalf. We also assist in getting your accounts!

Contact us today!