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Our team of Swindon website designers and developers are ready to start working for you today. They’re complimented by a dedicated Menu Entry Team who will maximise your menu and look to increase your average order total. All included in the package.

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Website Ordering

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Custom Design

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ZPos are the UK’s leading design, development & marketing agency that’s sole purpose is to build effective websites for restaurants, takeaways, bars, food trucks and dark kitchens. We will add online ordering to your existing website or build you a new one! Then we focus on making it a success.

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Click and collect online ordering
Simple online ordering websites

Reach New Customers

Taking orders online is more important than ever. Our incredible systems will help you reach out to your existing customers, but also bring you new ones too. We have so many features to help you grow and allow customers to order how they want to, whether that be on desktop, mobile, tablet, games console or at their tables. With features such as customer maps, you’ll see new areas to target.

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Systems that never get old

The website you have today will not be the website you have in the future! Our UK based development team are constantly releasing new features to keep you one step ahead of your competitors. We automatically make your sites work with any new device which can access the internet.

  • Loyalty points schemes
  • Over 50+ different discount code options
  • Market to your customers using SMS messages☨
  • Send out automated review forms
  • And hundreds more...
Simple online ordering websites

Your customers want to order from you online.

Make it easy for them

With our hassle-free approach to get you up and running. You’ll be head and shoulders above the rest with our enterprise level hosting, secure online payments, mobile & tablet friendly designs and a long list of included features. Take a look at the table below for a more detailed breakdown.

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If you’re already online, or know you will be busy, then opt for a fixed price package from £150 p/m.

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All prices mentioned on this page are exclusive of VAT. *48 hours is achievable if you’re able to upload a digital menu for us whilst signing up and are available to discuss any follow up questions the team may have. **Minimum monthly service fee of £5. ***Our payments go through our approved payment provider, the user or client with cover these costs. ☨Extra charges may apply.
Important Package Details
Includes graphic design work Checked Icon Checked Icon
Ultra-fast UK servers Checked Icon Checked Icon
Secure online payments Checked Icon Checked Icon
UK based menu entry Checked Icon Checked Icon
Dedicated developers and account managers at your disposal Checked Icon Checked Icon
Website Features
Website & order reports Checked Icon Checked Icon
Full product customisation Checked Icon Checked Icon
Premium deluxe SEO Checked Icon Checked Icon
Discount codes & customer loyalty points Checked Icon Checked Icon
Modern mobile & tablet friendly website designs Checked Icon Checked Icon
Email & SMS customers☨ Checked Icon Checked Icon
Setup Fees
[Option 1] - I have a website, just need an online ordering tool £50
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3 weeks
3 weeks
Monthly Fee Summary**

These fees are inclusive of all main fees, including website labour and payment charges***

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Ordering FAQ

What if I need to cancel or delete an order?

You can delete and cancel orders if you need to, for example if the customer called you and cancelled their order, if the order was a mistake or if it was a test order. The orders are only stored on the GPRS printers so you are in total control of which online orders were real. Please be careful though as if you accidentally delete an order, there is no way of getting it back!

What is online ordering?

ZPos provide Online Ordering Websites. We build cutting edge online ordering websites for the restaurant and takeaway industry. The idea of online ordering (for a takeaway website) is to add e-commerce interactivity for the customer. The idea is to allow a customer to use their internet-enabled device, such as a laptop or mobile phone, to order a takeaway for collection or delivery instead of the traditional phone call. By allowing a customer to order online, both you and the customer will benefit from the streamlined ordering process. They will be able to browse your food menu in their own time and have the ability to customise the food, then pay online.

The typical takeaway online ordering process would be as follows:

  1. Customer searches internet for something like "pizza takeaway in london", they would then find your online ordering website in the list of search results.
  2. The customer would look at your website and enter their postcode to ensure they are in your delivery area.
  3. The customers browses your menu online, this includes all your options and possible customisations and adds items to their order.
  4. After they have chosen their food, they would proceed to a checkout where they would enter their contact information and choose the method of payment.
  5. If they choose to pay by card for their online takeaway order then they would be taken to the bank's website to pay.
  6. The order would be then completed and your customer would receive a confirmation email. You would receive notification too (by your chosen means; email, SMS, fax, phone call or auto printed on a GPRS printer).
  7. You deliver the food (or allow customer to collect).
  8. You then have the customer's contact information for your future marketing efforts to gain loyal customers.

There are some other online ordering website providers for takeaways however most of them are very basic and underdeveloped; often made offshore in another country by amateur web developers. There is no other product/service like ours, this is why so many takeaway owners and resellers rely on us. We have many resellers in the UK whom use our system as their own and you wouldn't even know it! So well done to you for finding the source of the best online ordering websites for restaurant and takeaways.

What is the length of your contracts

We do not believe in contracts, we believe in piece of mind. You should not be locked into an online ordering website services that isn't working for you. If we were to enforce a contract and for whatever reason you were not happy, the remaining time of your contract would be unpleasant for both you and us. We depend on good worth of mouth advertising and as such we will do whatever we can to not get into any conflicts. Our product and service is so good, there shouldn't be a reason to leave, but if you do want to go elsewhere for an online ordering website for your takeaway, all we would ask is a chance to make you happy, if we can't then we will do everything to help you move. Whereas we do not provide a contract length as standard, by doing so may result in a better price.

Are you like Just-Eat, Hungry House, Takeaway.com etc.

No. These companies are great at what they do however we are not like them. We do facilitate online ordering however we do it under your own name, brand and colours without promoting your competitors. We also charge a lot less than these companies. The named companies are known as "food portals" and are essentially a yellow pages directory with very basic (but expensive) ordering features. We work for you, helping you to gain more business and succeed in your restaurant venture with your own online ordering website. You can still use these portals but make sure you have your own site so you can get customers to order direct from you so you save money and control your customer's ordering experience.

Do I need a PC or broadband Internet?

No. We can send you the orders in so many ways. Of course, you can get Internet in your shop if you want, and if you do so you can view your orders online, but it is unnecessary. The most common way to receive online orders is via email, however this is not good enough as far as we are concerned. We provide a GPRS, 3G or WiFi online ordering printer which is completely standalone. The device fits neatly on the counter or in the kitchen, they can be set to print multiple copies if needed.

How much does online ordering cost?

It's up to you. We have priced our packages to suit any budget or preference in payment. Are you a new to online ordering? Then you can choose to pay a low commission on your online sales whilst you build up your online orders. When you get a lot of orders, or if you would prefer it from the start, we can put you on a fixed price monthly package which still includes your licence fee, support, hosting, domain name, email, SEO and service. You won't find another company doing what we do for cheaper, but if you find another company doing something similar then we might consider a price match, or even beat it. The best thing to do is contact us and we can work out what the cheapest option for you is.

Can I edit my website to update prices or pictures?

Yes. As part of your subscription, we will do your menu updates for you or add the images however you have the power to do this yourself easily too with your special control panel. From here, you can actually change your websites colours, fonts, logo, colours, pictures, icons, social media, menu items, special offers, voucher codes, loyalty schemes, gift certificates, orders and more!

Can you handle franchises & multiple branches?

Yes. We love multiple branches and can support your business with as much or as little help as you need to oversee your online ordering website. Some larger takeaway franchises would like to maintain their site which is fine, whereas some would like to rely on a professional company like us to manage it for them. We can set you up with emails and a franchise management portal so you can oversee all your shop's orders and data. We can send payments for the online orders to each of your branches individually each week and completely remove any hassle you may incur elsewhere. When a shop has multiple branches, the customer is greeted with a postcode box, coupled with a map based branch locator. To make it easier, our systems can use the customer devices' GPS features to locate their closest branch without them even having to do anything!

Will my website be based on a template?

No. We take pride in building a bespoke design just for you. Some larger companies will spend tens of thousands on a design however we include it as part of our £99 setup fee! This doesn't mean you get a substandard design, we believe you should have a great website design no matter what your budget is. In fact, if you want your site to look like someone else's then we will more than happily make it similar (whilst adhering to copyright law). If you want a template design then fine however we do not recommend it. Other companies will charge you a lot for just copy and pasting another one of their existing sites. Not only are you being ripped off but you also look exactly like another company!

How long does it take to complete?

This will vary depending on our workload and what your requirements are. Typically, it takes us 2 days to create a beautiful design for you, when you are happy with your design we will then build it. The build process takes around 7 days as we don't want to rush the design and we take a lot of care with your website - it needs to look great for the orders to pile in! It takes us about 4 days to enter your menu properly. We don't just type your menu as is, we try to find the best way to show it off online with extra options and more, it really is a puzzle to do properly. We can normally work on the menu and build at the same time. Then it goes through our checking and testing process which usually takes about 2 days. From start to finish you can expect a 2 - 3 week lead time however if you need it sooner or later we can either rush it or delay it's development as appropriate.

Will the website work on mobile phones/tablets?

Yes. As part of your online ordering website, we also build you a mobile website, tablet website and also an Xbox optimised website at no extra cost. Customers can order takeaway online using any of these devices.

Do you offer your services to my location?

Yes we do. We currently have 3 offices across the UK and we also have staff who can come to see you if you like. The great thing with websites and digital services is that all of it can be done over the internet and phone. We can discuss designs over the phone and email you samples, you can view your website whilst it is in development too. Our software is ready to serve the rest of the world too and we have proven this with providing our services to takeaways/restaurants in other countries.

Can you add online ordering to my existing website?

Yes we can. We can give you one line of code to add to your website which will put an "Order Online" button wherever you want. Or, we can give you a few more lines of code (which we can add for you) that will make a new page on your site. It usually works out better though (and doesn't cost you extra) for us to remake the website and match the existing one's colours and pages.

Why should I get an online ordering website?

Online ordering is the way forward for both you and the customer. We can help you save time and make a lot more money in a short space of time. Here are some other reasons why you should get an online ordering website for your takeaway:

  1. Your competitors will get one and customers will use them if you do not have one, which would mean you could lose your regular customers
  2. Gain new customers who are searching the internet for takeaways in their area
  3. Save money by not having to distribute printer paper leaflets
  4. Your staff have more time to make and deliver orders as they won't be wasting time on the phone
  5. Customers can browse your menu online and order easily
  6. Build your brand image
  7. Less to no mistakes when taking orders, there will be no language barriers or miscommunication as the order instructions will print in black and white
  8. Reduce costs from online ordering portals by encouraging customers to order from you instead, you do not want to be in a position where you rely on other companies to give you the customers as they can easily take them away if they want to promote another takeaway in your area
  9. Easily up sell products to your customers with items and options they may not even know about
  10. Capture customer data for future marketing or order/product analysis
  11. Quickly promote products that you need to get rid of quickly


What is EPoS?

EPoS is an acronym for Electronic Point Of Sale. If you are serious about your business then you need to have a good EPoS behind the scenes of your restaurant or takeaway. Without EPoS your business will be subjected to unreliable hand written orders and manual calculations. A decent EPoS will provide you with order and customer management with automatic cash-ups and sales reporting. The term EPoS (Also written as epos, EPos and Epos), refers to both hardware and software as one entity. You can buy EPoS software and EPoS hardware independently.

EPoS hardware will normally consist of:

  • 15" or 17" touch screen monitor
  • Desktop computer (or an integrated all in one pc)
  • Receipt thermal printer (usually 80mm thermal, or 76mm dot matrix)
  • CallerID unit
  • Sometimes they will have a rear customer screen or pole mounts

In theory, if you have a piece of software installed on any device that can take orders, then you have an EPoS! For more information, please see our EPoS page.

Terms & Conditions

Our Website Terms & Conditions

This document together with any order forms or any other documents referred to herein constitute the terms and conditions on which we supply any of our products and services to you. Please read it carefully before placing your order. You should understand that by ordering any of our services you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions for the full duration of your service or usage of any of our websites.

Please note that our services are designed for use in relation to the law of England and Wales.

General Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

  1. "we" "our" and "us" means or refers to ZPos Limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘ZPos’). ZPos Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 08513482, and VAT number GB209515319. Our registered office and principal place of business is
    ZPos Ltd
    10 Wildridings Square
    RG12 7SJ
    United Kingdom
  2. "you", "your" and "client" means or refers to the company, firm or individual placing the order.
  3. "Customer" means your customer, an end user who purchases from you as the client. This would usually refer to an individual ordering food from you.
  4. "Minimum Term" means a period of 30 days from the date of your order with us
  5. "Payment" means the price payable for the Support Services and Additional Services (if any) as set out in the order form.
  6. "Schedule" means the schedule at the end of this document which gives details of the Services which ZPos Ltd are to provide to you.
  7. "Services" means the Support Services and Additional Services (if any).
  8. "Support Services" means the services more particularly described in the Schedule.

2. Formation of contract

  1. The completion and submission by you of our order form shall constitute your acceptance of the Services and shall form a contract between us for the supply and purchase of those Services. These terms and conditions including the Schedule shall apply between us in respect of the Services ZPos  Ltd are to provide. Except to the extent that this agreement is varied by mutual consent in writing, it shall constitute the entire agreement between us and shall prevail over your own terms and conditions and any previous terms and conditions, agreement, representation, warranty, undertaking or understanding.
  2. You and ZPos Ltd each agree and expressly represent to each other with the intention that the other shall be entitled to rely on the following representation and that you and ZPos Ltd shall be estopped from denying it. You and ZPos Ltd each represent to the other that in entering into this agreement neither you nor ZPos Ltd and shall be entitled to rely on, and shall have no remedy at law, in equity or under the Misrepresentation Act 1967 in respect of any statement, representation or other understanding (whether oral or in writing) of any person whether a party to this agreement or not other than as expressly set out in or referred to in this agreement. Nothing in this clause shall preclude any liability for fraud.

3. Terms of Payment

  1. You are required to pay a non-refundable initial setup fee in respect of our Services. The amount is set out in the order form.
    1. ZPos Ltd will provide you with an opportunity to review the appearance and content of your website once the overall development is completed. Your website will be deemed to be accepted and approved and made live unless you notify us otherwise within seven (7) days of the date the designs are made available to you. ZPos Ltd will then make every effort to make amendments (within limitations of our platform) required in a reasonable timeframe (usually 2-3 days). If ZPos Ltd do not hear from you, despite attempts to contact, for a period of more than 7 days after this point ZPos Ltd are entitled to start to collect the agreed fees from the first available date.
    2. Once a written order and setup fee has been received. We aim to complete a customer’s website and deliver the associated printer and promotional printing within 28 days. Once this is complete as 3.1.1 above us shall make normal charges via direct debit without exception.
  2. The payment shall be paid by you in advance on the 1st day of each month by direct debit, but for orders which require post calculations, these will be payable at the end of the month..
    1. If you do not have a Direct Debit setup at the time of invoice then we may retrive payment by other means, including but not limited to:
      1. Retaining the proceeds from your website's online card sales (where you use our gateway service) to cover any balances.
      2. Charge any card you have given us.
  3. ZPos Ltd reserve the right to vary the Weekly Payment by giving you one (1) weeks’ notice in writing to take effect at any time on or after the expiry of the Minimum Term.
  4. Where no sum is included in the Weekly Payment or any prices set out in our price list in respect of VAT, these shall be exclusive of VAT.
  5. ZPos Ltd shall be entitled to charge you interest on any overdue amounts at the annual rate of 2% over the base rate of HSBC Bank PLC from time to time accruing on a daily basis and compounded weekly or part of a month until payment is made and this rate shall apply both before and after the issue of any legal proceedings ZPos Ltd may take against you to recover any unpaid amount. ZPos Ltd may claim interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.
  6. In the event that any payment is overdue then without further notice, and without prejudice to any other rights or remedies, ZPos Ltd. will suspend provision of any service until such payment has been made. Suspension shall include the right for us to refuse access to your website and associated services. In the event of any such suspension, if you wish us to resume provision of the Services, ZPos Ltd shall be entitled to require payment in full of all due Payments and reserve the right to request extra funds to cover the next billing cycles payment as security.
    1. In the event of ZPos receiving notification from our Payment or Direct Debit agency of any cancelled Direct Debit for any of our product or services, we reserve the right to suspend website services until such time as satisfactory contact has been made or full payment due is made with no exceptions. We also retain the right to withhold any held card payments in full or part payment. In the event of a cancelled direct debit payment we will make an administration charge of £25 to reset.
    2. We reserve the right to charge your credit or debit cards held on file for outstanding invoices at any time, this may include invoking a direct debit payment too.
    3. Any charges for a chargeback relating to you or your customer will be passed on to you, with a minimum charge of £25.
  7. Time shall be of the essence for all payments due under this agreement.
  8. You shall not be entitled to withhold from your payment of the monthly payment or your payment of any invoice any sums save if owed by us to you under this agreement. For the avoidance of doubt you may not withhold any monies due to us.
  9. ZPos Ltd reserve the right to withdraw any special offers or alter pricing at any time.
  10. ZPos Ltd reserve the right to alter the price of your subscriptions and services to take into account fair inflation or our own service charges, included but not limited to:
    1. banking fees
    2. hosting fees
    3. development fees
    4. postal fees
    5. staff costs
    6. office costs
  11. Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. VAT will be charged in addtion according to the current UK rate.

4. Data Collected

  1. Without limitation, any of the following Data relating to either the website visitor, client or the customer may be collected
    1. name
    2. title
    3. gender
    4. address such as post code, street address, city, county and country
    5. profession
    6. contact information such as email addresses and telephone numbers
    7. demographic information such as post code, preferences and interests
    8. IP address (automatically collected)
    9. web browser type and version (automatically collected)
    10. operating system (automatically collected)
    11. a list of URLS starting with a referring site, your activity on this Web Site, and the site you exit to (automatically collected)
    12. Cookie information.

5. Our Use of Data

  1. Any personal Data you submit will be retained by ZPos Ltd. for as long as you use the Services and Systems.
  2. Unless we are obliged or permitted by law to do so your Data will not be disclosed to third parties. This does not include our affiliates and/or other companies within our group.
  3. Any or all of the above Data may be required by us from time to time in order to provide you with the best possible service and experience when using our Web Site. Specifically, Data may be used by us for the following reasons:
    1. Internal record keeping
    2. Improvement of our products/services
    3. Transmission by email of promotional materials that may be of interest to you
    4. Contact for market research purposes which may be done using email, telephone, fax or mail. Such information may be used to customise or update the Web Site.

6. Supply of Products Services

  1. General
    1. ZPos Ltd shall use our reasonable endeavors to supply the Services in accordance in all material respects with this agreement. ZPos Ltd shall use our reasonable care and skill in delivering the Services to you.
    2. If you have opted for our online ordering website, you are paying the monthly fee for our service, leasing the design and coding of the website, and also supporting us to continue to work on our service. At all times, ZPos Ltd will retain ownership and copyright of the content, design and coding. If a service/subscription is terminated by either party then the lease of the design and coding shall be cancelled and the customer will no longer be permitted to use the design and coding of the website. There is no part of our system which is transferable or where source code can be sold or provided.
    3. ZPos Ltd will provide you with an expected completion date for the project. ZPos Ltd will endeavour to meet any given deadline, but will not guarantee, and are not bound in any way, to complete the project by this date.
    4. Whilst every endeavour will be made to ensure that the Website (including any scripts and other programming included) are free from errors, ZPos Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any losses incurred either directly or indirectly due to malfunctioning of the Website system or any of its external parts.
    5. Subject as ZPos Ltd shall use our reasonable endeavors to meet the performance dates specified, but such dates shall be estimates only and time shall not be of the essence for our performance. You acknowledge that where our performance is dependent upon the supply of information and/or materials by you, ZPos Ltd will not be liable for any delay resulting from your failure to supply such information and/or materials.
    6. ZPos Ltd reserve the right to place graphic hyperlinks on your website. The links can be in any form, including image, textual or video. The anchor text for any text link will be at our sole discretion. The links will be to https://www.zpos.co.uk or any other link at our discretion and will open in a new browser window.
    7. ZPos reserve the right, without notice, to place advertisements on your websites in any form we deem fit, and which will not hinder the main purpose of your website.
  2. Domain Names
    1. Domain names will be registered and owned by ZPos Ltd. Our business name and address will appear on WHOIS records.
    2. ZPos maintain control and ownership of the domain once in our possession and we reserve the right to levy a fee to release the domain name from our systems.
  3. Online Ordering Websites
  4. Online Payment Gateway
    1. 3rd party payment gateway
      1. All support should be directed solely to your chosen provider. ZPos does not provide support for external gateways.
      2. We only support certain gateways. Please consult us before you signup for any contract as we will not be held liable for any losses you incur.
      3. We may consider other integrations however this will levy a development fee.
      4. Any debugging of code, or diagnosing problems will levy a labour charge.
    2. ZPos' payment gateway
      1. Our payment gateway service is backed by WorldPay (previously known as Streamline). WorldPay are the UK's largest provider of payment solutions.
      2. In addition to a monthly service fee, there are also some transactional fees. The following list should be considered as not complete; we reserve the right to pass on any other charges we incur to the client. All refunds (part/full) will incur a £2.50 fee plus any fees paid by the customer, chargebacks have a £30 fee.
      3. We will endeavour to pay out every week, on a Monday or Tuesday. This is not guaranteed and we also reserve the right to alter this payment date without prior notice.
      4. A payout will consist of the proceeds from your sales between a Monday 00:00:00 and Sunday 23:59:59, 2 weeks prior to the payout date. For example, if we are due to pay out to you on Monday March 16th 2015, then this will consist of orders between Monday 2nd March and Sunday 8th March.
      5. We can only pay out to a UK bank account.
      6. Until such time that we receive suitable proof of your bank account, ZPos will retain your funds and then release them in full on the following Monday when the information is received.
      7. If you wish to change your account, or sell your shop you must give us 30 days written notice (letter or email to your account manager). Without this notice we will not be held liable for funds transferred to the "old" account. You would be responsible for obtaining these funds in this instance.
      8. Changing your account for bank payments does not automatically change your Direct Debit. You must update that separately.
  5. Email & Webmail Services
  6. Hardware
    1. ZPrinter. For those using our online ordering services, ZPos Ltd will provide you with a printer which allows you to print and control your orders through means of GPRS/3G/4G and also WiFi. If you have any issues with the unit then you must phone 01344 304070 as ZPos Ltd can generally diagnose and fix most problems over the phone. In the event of a total unit failure, ZPos Ltd will provide a replacement within 3 working days. Orders can still be viewed via the customer’s webmail backup for which we will provide details. We do provide support for setup of this service. If a printer is returned damaged, we reserve the right to levy a charge for repair or replacement. After 12 months of having the printer, any replacement or repair will levy a charge.
  7. SIM Cards & Network Services
    1. ZPos Ltd will not be held liable for any failure or loss of earnings due to 3rd party networks.
    2. We regularly test out the mobile operator services to ensure we are working with the most compatible.
    3. If a sim card fails, we will provide a replacement at no cost within 3 working days.
  8. Printed Materials
    1. Design - 
    2. Quality - 
    3. Quantity - 
    4. Delivery - 

7. Termination

  1. You or ZPos Ltd may terminate this agreement by giving the other 30 days’ notice in writing to expire at any time on or after the end of the Minimum Term. When a site redesign/makeover is undertaken the minimum term will recommence from the date the redesigned site is made live.
  2. Either party may terminate this agreement immediately if the other party is adjudged bankrupt or enters into compulsory or voluntary liquidation (other than for the purpose of effecting a reconstruction or amalgamation in such manner that the company resulting from such reconstruction or amalgamation if a different legal entity shall agree to be bound by and assume the obligations of the relevant party under this Agreement) or compounds with or convenes a meeting of its creditors or has a receiver or manager or an administrator appointed of its assets or ceases for any reason to carry on business or takes or suffers any similar action which in the opinion of the party giving notice means that the other may be unable to pay its debts.
  3. ZPos Ltd may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect and within the Minimum Term by giving you notice in writing if you commit any material breach of your obligations under it and (where such breach is capable of remedy) fail to remedy such breach within 30 days of receipt of our notice specifying such breach.
  4. Upon termination if you request to have the domain transferred elsewhere, ZPos Ltd will aim to do this within a reasonable time frame when our domain admin transfer charge of £150 has been paid.
    1. Domain transfers are at our own discretion and we reserve the right to decline transfer of ownership and usage if we feel we can use the domain name for another use.
    2. ZPos will not assist in the transfer of a domain other than the minimum required to allow you or a third party to obtain it. This procedure would normally be as follows:
      1. UK domains - UK domain transfers require the domain controller to change a one word "TAG", once changed this would allow you to receive the domain in your new domain control panel. We would action the TAG change however you would be responsible for obtaining the domain. We will not be held accountable for a lack of technical knowledge and we recommend you seek expert advice.
      2. Com/net/org/biz/co domains - These will require us to unlock the domain in our domain control panel. We would provide you with an authorisation code. You would request a transfer from your domain control panel and we would approve the transfer within a fair amount of time.
  5. Any initial setup fees taken at time of order or payments for services and software are non-refundable on termination at any time.
    1. When 30 days’ notice is given to cancel, we will terminate service on the 30th day. Any monies owed to you from our remittance services, such as a payment gateway, will be paid to you within 14 days after the contract is terminated on the 30th day. At which point a final remittance will be made less any outstanding monies owed to us such as monthly fees etc.
    2. For the online ordering websites, if you return the online ordering printer to us in a clean state, and fully working condition with all accessories and power lead, we will refund up to 50% of the money you paid for it. We may limit the refund based on the condition of the returned device. We will refund you within 14 working days. The printer must be returned to our office address in person or via signed for courier at your cost.
  6. We will accept returns for hardware purchased relating to EPoS, such as cash drawers, caller IDs and computers provided it is returned to us in a resaleable condition, fully boxed and is in our possession within 30 days from the date of delivery. Costs for returning the products to us would be at the customer's expense. If these conditions are met then a 100% refund will be issued via the same method of payment that was used to start the order.

8. Effect of Termination

  1. Upon termination of this Agreement ZPos Ltd shall:
    1. Immediately take down your website from our server. This includes your email services too.
    2. Disable any access given on our systems.
  2. Upon termination of this agreement you shall immediately pay to us the balance of any monies due to us up to and including the date of termination, we also retain the right to withhold any held card payments in full or part payment
    1. With effect from the date of termination immediately cease to use any of our materials, including (without limitation) information sheets, newsletters and technical or other website content.
    2. When 30 days’ notice of termination is given, from this point until the site is taken down, we do not make any further graphical or general website changes, although the site is still live and able to process orders
  3. Termination of this agreement shall be without prejudice to any accrued right of you or us.

9. Notices

  1. Any notice under this agreement to be given by either party to the other shall be in writing and shall be delivered by hand (which includes courier) or sent by first class pre-paid post or special or recorded delivery to the other party.
  2. Notices to us shall be addressed to us at
    ZPos Ltd
    10 Wildridings Square
    RG12 7SJ
  3. Notices to you shall be addressed to you at the address detailed on the order form. Or in either case such other address as May from time to time be notified in writing by one party to the other.
  4. A correctly addressed notice delivered by hand shall be deemed to have been received when delivered (or, if delivery is not during business hours at 10.00am on the first business day following delivery) or if sent by first class pre-paid post or special or recorded delivery shall be deemed to have been given two days after the envelope containing the same was so posted (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and bank and public holidays).
  5. Any notice under this agreement shall not be validly served if sent by email or facsimile transmission.

10. General

  1. If any provision set out in this Agreement is held by any competent authority to be invalid, unenforceable or illegal the other provisions shall remain in force.
  2. If any invalid, unenforceable or illegal provision would be valid, enforceable or legal if some part of it were deleted, the provision shall apply with whatever modification is necessary to give effect to the commercial intention of the parties.
  3. No failure or delay in exercising any right or remedy under this agreement or in law shall be construed or operate as a waiver thereof nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right or remedy preclude the further exercise of such right or remedy. A waiver of a breach or default under this agreement does not constitute a waiver of any other breach or default and shall not affect the other terms of the agreement. A waiver of a right under this agreement is only valid if it is in writing and applies only to the party to which it is given and the circumstances for which it is given. The rights and remedies provided in this agreement are cumulative and are not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by law.
  4. Neither you nor ZPos Ltd shall be liable to the other if prevented from or delayed in performing our respective obligations under this agreement where the inability to perform those obligations is due to a reason beyond the reasonable control of you or us (as the case may be).
  5. This agreement is personal to you. You shall not without our written consent be entitled to delegate or assign any of the obligations or rights rising under this agreement to any third party whatsoever.
  6. ZPos Ltd may subcontract, delegate, transfer, charge or assign our rights and/or obligations under this agreement in whole or in part.
  7. This agreement is made for the benefit of you and us and (where applicable) permitted successors and assigns and is not intended to benefit, or be enforceable by, anyone else whether under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.
  8. The agreement between you and us shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of England.
  9. ZPos Ltd reserve the right, at any time and from time to time, for any reason in our sole discretion, to add to, delete or modify these Terms at any time without prior notice. It means you are agreeing to be bound by the changes for this reason, ZPos Ltd encourage you to review these terms and conditions whenever you visit our website so you are aware of the current rights and obligations that apply to you. If ZPos Ltd make significant changes to our statement, ZPos Ltd may also notify you by other means, such as sending an e-mail or posting a notice on our website and/or social media pages.

11. Technical Support

  1. Official Technical Support is available 10.00am - 6:30pm, Monday - Friday via the online helpdesk, live chat, email or via or our phone number.
  2. Out of hours support will be provided where possible however response times cannot be guaranteed outside of the hours set out above. Out of hours support is available via email, online helpdesk, live chat or phone.

12.  Account

  1. In order to purchase Goods on this Web Site and to use the member facilities you are required to create an Account which will contain certain personal details and Payment Information which may vary based upon your use of the Web Site as we may not require payment information until you wish to make a purchase.  By continuing to use this Web Site you represent and warrant that:
    1. All information you submit is accurate and truthful;
    2. You have permission to submit Payment Information where permission may be required; and
    3. You will keep this information accurate and up-to-date. Your creation of an Account is further affirmation of your representation and warranty.
  2. It is recommended that you do not share your Account details, particularly your username and password. ZPos Ltd accepts no liability for any losses or damages incurred as a result of your Account details being shared by you.  If you use a shared computer, it is recommended that you do not save your Account details in your internet browser.
  3. If you have reason to believe that your Account details have been obtained by another without consent, you should contact ZPos Ltd immediately to suspend your Account and cancel any unauthorised purchases that may be pending.  Please be aware that purchases can only be cancelled until they are dispatched.  In the event that an unauthorised purchase is dispatched prior to your notifying us of the unauthorised nature of the purchase ZPso Ltd accepts no liability or responsibility and you should make contact with the Carrier detailed in the Purchase Information.
  4. When choosing your username you are required to adhere to the terms set out above in Clause 10. Any failure to do so could result in the suspension and/or deletion of your Account.

13. Privacy

  1. Privacy policy coming shortly, for now see Data Collection above.

14. Limitation of Liability

  1. To the maximum extent permitted by law, ZPos Ltd accepts no liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage, foreseeable or otherwise, including any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of the Web Site or any information contained therein. Users should be aware that they use the Web Site and it’s Content at their own risk.
  2. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions excludes or restricts ZPos Ltd's liability for death or personal injury resulting from any negligence or fraud on the part of ZPos Ltd.
  3. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions excludes or restricts ZPos Ltd's liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising out of the incorrect delivery of Goods or out of reliance on incorrect information included on the Web Site.
  4. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that these terms and conditions adhere strictly with the relevant provisions of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, in the event that any of these terms are found to be unlawful, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, that term is to be deemed severed from these terms and conditions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions.  This term shall apply only within jurisdictions where a particular term is illegal.

15. Changes to the Service and these Terms and Conditions

  1. ZPos Ltd reserves the right to change the Web Site, its Content or these Terms and Conditions at any time.  You will be bound by any changes to the Terms and Conditions from the first time you use the Web Site following the changes. If ZPos Ltd is required to make any changes to Terms and Conditions relating to sale of Goods by law, these changes will apply automatically to any orders currently pending in addition to any orders placed by you in the future.

16. Law and Jurisdiction

  1. These terms and conditions and the relationship between you and ZPos Ltd shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales and ZPos Ltd and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

17. Returns & Refunds

  1. For any physical products purchased from us, where they are not custom made to order, will be able to be returned to us within 30 days of purchase, provided they are returned in the original condition and packaging supplied to you.
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